"Discover How YOU Can Write 6 Figure Copy For Pennies...And Save Up To $15,000 In Copywriting Costs For Yourself"

Let me get one thing out of the way before I say one more word. I am NOT a professional copywriter. I am an Internet marketer who has achieved a enormous amount of success online...writing my own copy.

So if I could show you how to write 6 figure copy for pennies PLUS save you thousands in copywriting costs...would that be of interest to you? In order to understand how I can do that...you need to know a little about me personally.

I started marketing back in 2003 as an affiliate marketer. I did okay...but I soon realized that I wasn't going to make some serious cash until I created my own products and services.

I think we can both agree that is where the obscenely-large money is.

So I started to research what I had to do in order to pull this off. One of the things I discovered was that I had to obtain some awesome sales copy written for my product. So I went shopping around.

"Reality Hit Me Square In The Face"

An affordable copywriter worth his salt went for $2,500. If I wanted Michel Fortin...it was $15,000.

While I was having an acceptable amount of success as an affiliate marketer...there was no way I was dishing out that kind of hard cash for sales copy...not when I had no idea if my product would even sell. I needed to at least test some sales copy...but who was I going to get to write test copy for nothing?

The only way that was going to happen was if I wrote it myself.

Let me be absolutely honest about something before I continue. I had already made a considerate part of my living offline as a writer. I had written plays...songs...TV scripts and a number of other successful compositions.

I was in no way making a killing in the entertainment industry — but I was an experienced and trained writer. Certainly figuring out how to write sales copy that converts couldn't be that hard.

So I bought books on the subject and even got myself a private mentor. But as much as I had absorbed about copywriting...I couldn't help but think that there had to be a fool-proof way to simplify this process.

"I Discovered The Missing Secret!"

What I am going to share with you is going to totally blow you away. What I discovered was that all the books on copywriting that I had read were actually very good...excellent to say the least. But they all had one major problem...

They were written way over the heads of the average internet marketer.

See — these books are all written for people who want to be copywriters — not for marketers who simply want to sell their products. While the content in these books was excellent...understanding it was anything but painless.

That's when I realized that what we needed was a book on copywriting written for the average marketer...in simple plain English that anybody could understand.

But before I could put a book like that together — I had to make sure that I could actually write copy that converts. So I created two products — my Honest Income Program and My Secret Articles.

I took one of my products and put it out there. Shortly after...an affiliate picked it up and sold over 100 copies his first month. Obviously the copy was good enough to convert at over 2%. I was making thousands of dollars with zero copywriting expenses.

"See What My Affiliate Did!"

FTC regulations require that I block out the affliate's name...but don't worry...you can read a testimonial directly from him below. His name is Steve Crawford.

Now don't get me wrong...Steve is a bright kid..but without sales copy that converted...he wouldn't have come up with these kind of numbers in just his first month.

Now I'm a fairly decent marketer myself and I actually duplicated Steve's numbers that month. Between the 2 of us and a few other folks promoting my new product — I did pretty well — but —

None of this would have happened without sales copy that converted.

I was convinced beyond any reasonable doubt that I could write sales copy capable of making a significant number of sales — but more importantly — I understood the process well enough to be able to put it into simple to understand English that anybody could master.

"The Proof Is In The Pudding!"

Here's a Camtasia Video of me logging into several of my accounts so you can get an idea of the kind of income I earn...most of it from selling my own products with sales copy written totally by me.

As you can plainly see...I can put together sales copy that converts. I won't ever have to pay to have sales copy written for me...ever!

"I'm Giving You The Keys To My Success!"

Don't get me wrong...I put together some great kick butt products — but nobody is going to know that until after they have downloaded them. To get to that point...they must be persuaded by the sales copy. This is just a fact of marketing...good copy sells!

Well...writing good copy is no longer something that you just have to dream about doing. Once you get your hands on this information...and see how incredibly simple it is...you'll wonder why nobody has put together something like this sooner.

The answer is simple — too much money involved. Think about it. If the people who really knew copywriting made it so simple to duplicate...they'd be out of business. Certainly they'd lose a lot of potential customers.

Take me for instance. Had I not figured this out and wanted to still earn an income online...I would have had to spring for a copywriter. No way around it!

Well...forget it! You don't need a copywriter — not anymore! Not with my...

"Some Straight Talk From A Regular Joe"

This is the part of the sales copy where I'm supposed to dazzle you with a boat load of bullet points and fancy talk. But I'm not going to insult your intelligence with all that mumbo jumbo that you're probably sick to death of.

You've seen the proof of my income and that affiliates can sell my products with great success. This alone shows you what I am capable of doing and what I can share with you...if you'll let me. Besides...nothing I say really means anything.

So please read what others who have read my book have to say...starting with my super affiliate who's darn glad I can write sales copy that converts.


"I've seen firsthand, and have reaped the profits!"

Steven--you've done it again! You've taken a tough subject that we all have to tackle--just mentioning copywriting is the quickest way to give most Internet Marketers a headache--and yet you have managed to clear the murky waters through a simple, step by step, easy to follow path to profits...

I love the way you don't tell people to try to be like Michael Rasmussen or Joe Vitale, you just tell them to be themselves and follow the same system that all great copywriters use in one form or another to sell products like crazy.

I've seen firsthand, and have reaped the profits, as your copy has set multiple markets on fire and sold products faster than I could have dreamed was possible! It seemed like magic--but now I know better--it is just (1) a step by step system that anyone can follow and (2) being yourself.

I'm sick and tired of all the conflicting copywriting information out there that leaves people with more questions than answers. Thanks for cutting through the B.S. and showing us the simple steps to creating profit-pulling copywriting...

Steve Crawford


"One Word...Amazing!"

Steven's new Copywriting book can be summed up in one word… amazing! If there is one thing that I hate, it's writing sales copy. I'm a lot like Steven. I don't like to spend thousands of dollars to hire a professional copywriter to draft up a sales page especially when I don't even know how popular the product will be. This is why I decided to learn how to write them on my own. And I just now realized…

I still had a lot to learn.

Steven's new book took my hand and walked me through a 14 step process, explaining in vivid detail, every single step that the top copywriters use, which allows them to charge up to $2,500 for their services on a continuous basis. I took the information from the book and immediately went back to edit several of my own sales pages. I'm extremely confident that what I've learned here today will drastically increase my conversion rates as soon as tomorrow!

Steven has given me the tools I desperately needed (I really enjoyed the headline chapter) to ensure that I have created an outstanding sales page. If you're selling a product online and cringe whenever you see the current prices of hiring a copywriter, then you'd be wise to pick up a copy of Steven's book immediately.

Thanks again Steven!

Steve Mount


"Good Enough To Earn Someone
A 6 Figure Income"

Your book presents just that -- a step by step sequence to quickly write high quality (and sales converting) copy. I bet someone who was dedicated could follow your system and produce a killer sales letter in 24 hours -- that they could charge $1,000 for!

While there are some advanced techniques you didn't get into, this is perfect for those who want to write "above average" copy. Which is good enough to earn someone a 6 figure income.

Jason M. Fladlien


"What A Fantastic Approach!"

I've read a few copywriting books but I really enjoyed your fresh "plain English" step-by-step approach! I've had a hard time pulling my copy together so your "story boarding" approach really resonated well with me, what a fantastic approach (which I haven't seen in other books teaching copywriting).

I enjoyed the real time copywriting example which was a great way to discover how to put everything together!


Alan Petersen


"Anyone who can write a coherent letter to a friend can follow his step-by-step method"

"I'm not a copywriter. Probably for the same reason that most marketers aren't copywriters. The art and science of copywriting is often shrouded in a veil of mystery and complexity. Master copywriters are revered as accomplished sorcerers that must be studied and emulated for many years before the neophyte can develop even intermediate skills. In a nutshell, copywriting is just flat out intimidating.

In Basic Copywriting in Plain English, Steven Wagenheim snatches away the veil and reveals a simple and easy to understand copywriting process. Anyone who can write a coherent letter to a friend can follow his step-by-step method to achieve exceptional results in crafting their own copy. With practice the reader can develop a skill that will not only drastically improve their own conversions, but will reward them with a talent that can be sold as a service to others at $50 - $75 - $100 an hour or more."

John Rogers
Warrior Forum Moderator

"No Other Book Has This..."

Alan Peterson mentions a real time copywriting example. This is something I have yet to find in any book on this subject. However...this is something unique to all my products.

What I essentially do is walk you through writing an actual sales letter in real time. Reading about something is one thing — but nothing can replace actually doing it

And that's what makes Basic Copywriting In Plain English so special...Easy to understand principals that will ultimately save you thousands of dollars in copywriting costs once you put them into operation...

And you can do this in as little as 24 hours!

Imagine having your first sales page up on the Internet in less than a day...and pocket the $1000's you've saved not hiring a copywriter!

"But What About My Bonuses?"

For crying out loud! You're about to discover everything you'll need in order to write copy that converts and save $2,500 to $15,000 in copywriting costs and you want bonuses???

I mean what kind of bonus could I possibly give that could be worth $15,000???

Well...I can't top that but I can give you something that has accounted for 67% of my personal online income.

Written in the same step by step style as my copywriting book...you'll discover...

  • How to write an article on any subject in 30 minutes or less
  • How to write a resource box that almost guarantees readers visit your site
  • How to write subject lines that will get your article read
  • 3 articles written in real time right before your eyes
  • A no thought step by step process to write fool proof articles
  • 14 sites to market your articles to for cash!

"But There's More..."

Download my Basic Copywriting In Plain English today... and I will include a full review and critique of your first sales page. Just send it to me and I will look over it and show you how you can improve it to suck even more sales out of it.

However...if you just follow the simple step by step process...I probably won't have much to review. I am that sure.

"I'm Practically Giving This Away!"

My book on article writing alone goes for $37. Most books on copywriting go for twice that if not more. This book is easily worth $97 if it's worth a penny. You certainly won't find one that takes you by the hand like this one does.

But in keeping with my tradition of putting my products within the reach of anybody's pocketbook...you can pick up Basic Copywriting In Plain English for a paltry $47.

I have absolutely no doubt that you will be thrilled to death when you see how great your sales letters are and how incredibly well they convert.

I am so sure of this that I am backing my claim up with a no questions asked 8 week full money back guarantee. And since it's only going to take you a day to write your first sales letter—you won't have to wait that long.

But you must act today because I can't promise that the price or the bonus will be available tomorrow.

"More Glowing Testimonials!"


"I now have all the knowledge I need to make one heck of a salesletter"


I read your "Basic Copywriting In Plain English" ebook last night and I had to let you know how incredible it is!

I was planning to just skim it quickly and read it more thoroughly later but that wasn't possible. There were so many great copywriting tips that I had to keep going. I read the entire thing once and then went back and re-read it again, so I could write down things I needed to implement right away.

As you know I have always been a huge fan of your products because they are of such high quality, but this might be your best work yet!

Even though I've been an internet marketer for many years, copywriting is something I have just never been able to get a good grasp on. That has just changed. With your ebook I now have all the knowledge I need to make one heck of a salesletter.

Today, I've already implemented just a couple things I learned in your book on one of my salesletters and it is drastically improved. I usually dread finishing a new product because then I have to start on the sales copy, but now I can't wait to get my new product done so I can finally write a great sales page for it.

Oh and before I end, I wanted to tell you that I especially loved the "Real-Time Example" you included in the book. That was a true gem!

Thanks for all you do.

Trent Brownrigg


"I Have Three Books Commercially Published"

I have been told I'm a good writer. After all I do have three books commercially published. But I struggle writing sales letters. Not anymore after reading Steven Wagenheim's Basic Copywriting in Plain English. His guide tells you what you need to do and why you're doing it. He breaks down the components of a sales letter and takes all the mystery out of it. From the headline to the last PS it's all covered. Well organized and well written. I highly recommend it.

Author's Note: Dee Power is the co-author with Brian Hill of The Making of a Bestseller: Success Stories From Authors and the Editors, Agents and Booksellers Behind Them, BusinessPlan-Basics, Attracting Capital From Angels, Inside Secrets To Venture Capital and the novel, Over Time .

Dee Power


"I Have Had Genuine Results From It"

Back at the end of 2007 I got a contract to write a sales letter for a real estate course. I wrote the letter. It stank.

I was very lucky that my customer didn't ask for a refund on the spot. Instead, he let me revise it.

Following this, I read Steven Wagenheim's "Basic Copywriting In Plain English", and reworked the letter according to these principles.

Back came the response. "We are liking this one a lot better". They were very happy with the revised letter. Later, the real estate course vendor even offered to recommend me to his friends as a copywriter.

Anybody who knows me knows how much I hate false testimonials, and I very rarely put my endorsement on another product. I strongly recommend Steven Wagenheim's "Basic Copywriting In Plain English" because I have had genuine results from it.

Andrew Wardle

The People Have Spoken

When professional writers who have had not one but several books published rave about your work — you know you must have come up with something very special.

I have no doubt that you will find Basic Copywriting In Plain English that kind of special book. I am so sure of that — I guarantee that you'll be churning out sales letters that convert like gangbusters...in a matter of days!.

There is no reason to have to fork over $2,500 to $15,000 in copywriting fees if you don't have to. With my book — you'll never have to hire a copywriter again. If I'm wrong...you have 8 Full Weeks to ask for a complete refund.

"Okay Steve...You've Convinced Me!"

"Yes...I want to write 6 figure copy"

"Yes...I want to save up to $15,000 in copywriting costs"

"Yes...I want you to take me by the hand and show me how to write killer sales copy that converts."

"Yes...I want you to review my first sales page and polish it up for me (not that I'll need the help)."

"Yes...I want the Complete Article Writing And Marketing Guide so I can write articles in 30 minutes or less and discover how you earn 67% of your monthly income."

"Yes...I want to take advantage of this before you come to your senses and raise the price."

You can download your copy immediately in PDF format by clicking on the link below.

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Please feel free to email me if you have any questions at all. I have no doubt that Basic Copywriting In Plain English will have you writing the kind of copy capable of generating a steady stream of sales...day after day.


Steven Wagenheim

PS - Don't forget—you get Basic Copywriting In Plain English and The Complete Article Writing And Marketing Guide PLUS a free critique of your first sales page for only $47 but ONLY if you act TODAY! I can't promise that the price or the bonuses will be available tomorrow.

PPS - If you act today...I will include a 3rd bonus. A brand new book written by Andrew Cavanagh on the mindset of your customers that won't be available anywhere else. This book is a must have if you want to understand one of the most important aspects of digging into your prospect's minds and almost forcing them to purchase your product. Together with my Basic Copywriting In Plain English you'll have all the ammunition you'll need to write monster copy that sells.

If you have any questions...you can reach me at the email address below.


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